The Paint the Plow and Sandbag Challenge wasn’t our Ashcroft location’s only community events this past month.

Dawson Road Maintenance staff paid a visit to the local Ashcroft Food Bank on Tuesday to drop off an assortment of food and a $300 donation, generously donated by the local crew.

“It brings the crew and I so much joy to participate in these events,” said Ashcroft Road Foreman, Crystal Laidlaw. “I am so proud of my crew for their hard work and generosity. I am also so thankful to work in a company that enables us to get out and serve our communities.”

The Dawson Group set a goal of completing 97 community projects in 2019 — one project for every year our company has been in operation. Next year, we will strive to do 98 community projects, and continue on in such fashion towards our 100th anniversary in 2022.