Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM) Service Area (SA) 25 yard not only helped put on the 103rd annual Bulkley Valley Exhibition last weekend and made sure everyone had a great time, but also saved the day during the annual parade.

The four-day fall fair kicked off with the parade on Wednesday night. DRM participated in the parade and proudly drove a pair of trucks (floats) through the parade route.

Halfway through the parade, one of the floats behind the second DRM truck broke down. The parade would have stalled while the float waited for a tow truck to arrive and then would have missed the rest of the parade route.

Thinking on their feet, Glenn Foerster (SA 25 Quality Manager) and Brad Gerow (Equipment Coordinator), offered to tow the broken down float behind the DRM truck, allowing the other company to enjoy the rest of the parade before worrying about a tow truck.

After our team finished their parade routes, they parked one of the plow trucks on the fair grounds for spectators to not only come check out, but also decorate.

“The best part of these fairs is seeing the kids have a great time. Having the kids paint one of our plow trucks has become a hit in recent years and we love seeing families get in on the fun. That’s what this weekend was all about,” said Melissa Murphy, SA 25 Operations Coordinator.

Over the course of the fair, which ran Thursday to Sunday, both adults and kids came up to the exhibition and decorated a plow truck however they wanted with washable paint.

Wherever you looked during the fair, fun was had by all, thanks in part to DRM for jumping on as a Diamond sponsor for the event. DRM was proudly displayed at the four-day rodeo, dog show and other family activity areas.

Everyone had a wonderful weekend and DRM happily contributed to the fair in its never-ending attempts to connect and give back to the community they serve in.