It is never too late to continue your education.

This past June, Mike Winiski finally got the pleasure of walking across the stage, celebrating his graduation and completion of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.

“It definitely took a little longer in life than I was planning, but that’s OK. I think that people shouldn’t be afraid to take on challenges like this. Go ahead and take that leap and try it out,” said Winiski, Supply Chain Manager.

Winiski was working full time at the ports in Vancouver three years ago when he jumped at the opportunity to advance his education.

“My main thing was that I wanted to open more doors for myself moving forward,” said Winiski, who graduated with a business administration and marketing associates degree from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2006. “I had a strong background in supply chain logistics and studying all the different stats that go into that, but this program allowed me to balance my skills out with a more solid foundation of theory, knowledge and other business practices.”

With Winiski starting his program just prior to the Covid pandemic, he relished the opportunity to celebrate in-person with his classmates that he worked on significant projects with and his family that supported him every step along the way during the past three years. He joined Dawson Group in January and is excited to bring his new skills to the job every day.

“Over the last few years, Mike has been balancing working full time, starting a family and moving to Kamloops while he was working on various projects and assignments in pursuit of his MBA. The evening and weekend work has certainly paid off. Hopefully the weather will be favorable as he enjoys spending his newly found free time with his family. We are all very proud of Mike and this outstanding achievement,” said Bill Pohl, Dawson Group Chief Financial Officer.

Please join us in congratulating Mike on this significant accomplishment.

Mike Winiski on his graduation day.
Mike’s 8-month old son, Lincoln.
Mike’s wife Tricia and their son Lincoln celebrate his graduation.