Brad Degenhardt’s ambition to pursue professional development with Dawson International Truck Centres (DITC) earned him a significant accomplishment.

Degenhardt, who has been with DITC for 11 years at our Kelowna location, recently became the first Sales and Marketing Manager to graduate from the Certified Commercial Finance Managers Association (CCFMA) program. The CCFMA has been around since 2000, cultivating exceptional professionals through extensive studies and hands-on applications.

“It’s an awesome feeling and an accomplishment that I am super happy and proud of. Charlie Beck (Vice-President of DITC and Dawson Idealease) and I had discussed this program for a while. Having an education in financing is becoming more and more important these days, so it feels great to finally complete the program,” said Degenhardt.

For Degenhardt, this course was uncharted territory for a Sales and Marketing Manager. But after a year-and-a-half of studying, bi-weekly meetings, development periods, presentations and exams, he now brings the knowledge and expertise of a finance position into his role.

“Now I have a better understanding of why our finance managers were doing things as they were., structuring the financing on the deals as they do, be in a straight loan or quasi-lease,” said Degenhardt. “It will be very helpful for us moving forward.”

Previously, Dawson’s staff handled the financing of trucks and relied on external financers when it came to graders, trailers and other pieces of equipment. Degenhardt can now handle those responsibilities, bringing those duties back in house.

Dawson would like to congratulate Degenhardt on his efforts and is excited to see where his new education will take both him and the company.

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