Safety looks a little different around our Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM) yards these days.

Earlier this month, DRM management and our Health, Safety and Environment team travelled with Support Services to various yards across DRM locations to connect with our teams and rollout the new PPE upgrade program.

Safety has always been the No. 1 priority at Dawson Group. While our teams were properly supplied with PPE, there was a lack of consistency when it came to PPE within the team.

Now, following a tour around the province, not only will our DRM crews continue to work, they also will proudly display company branded PPE and convey a stronger sense of togetherness.

Along with the updated looks, DRM also increased safety measures, such as making it mandatory for our employees to wear their hard hats anytime they exit their vehicle while on the job, instead of only when hazardous areas required it.

If you wish to work for a company that makes safety their No. 1 priority, then please visit our Careers Page to view our latest job postings.