Dawson Civil’s relationships with stakeholders in the world of civil construction are in great hands with the creation of the Business Development Manager position.

Jon Gibson moved his young family, which includes his wife of six years with a child on the way and their two-year-old son, down from Fort St. James to take over this new role, in what he referred to as his, “dream job.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Dawson in the past and their reputation precedes them as a premier employer in our field. This new opportunity with Dawson is incredibly exciting for me. I’m eager to dive in, continue to build something from scratch and push the boundaries of what we can achieve together,” said Gibson.

“We are thrilled to introduce Jon as the newest addition to our team at Dawson Civil. Stepping into the role of Business Development Manager, Jon brings a rich background spanning over a decade in business development, including project development, construction management, nurturing client experience and stakeholder relations,” said Chris Cooper, Manager of Dawson Civil.

Gibson’s career is marked by significant achievements, including the successful establishment and operation of two entrepreneurial start-ups in Prince George, B.C. He also played pivotal roles in cultivating and managing key accounts within the civil construction, mining, pulp and energy sectors. Establishing strong relationships and identifying key projects in the construction sector throughout northern B.C.

“One of the things I am most looking forward to in this role is the opportunity to strengthen our relationships and communication with First Nations communities. This presents a unique opportunity for us to contribute to the economic growth within these communities, while also working on new and exciting projects in different parts of the province.” said Gibson.

Outside of work, Gibson enjoys the endurance sport of ultramarathons – races exceeding distances of 42-kilometres (he is planning on a 100km and 150km race later this year).

If you wish to get in contact with Gibson about potential business opportunities, please feel free to reach out to him via cell, 1-778-281-1633, or email, jgibson@dawsoncivil.ca.

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