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Service Area 22 helps crown Crystal Cup champions

Our Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM) yard in Fort St. John was thrilled to help drop the puck in February at a beloved outdoor hockey tournament. The 10th Annual Crystal Cup Pond Hockey Challenge took place in Service Area 22 on Charlie Lake, which featured 77 teams and m

Emergency ice removal prevents significant damage to important bridge structure

As we begin to shift from winter to spring, the freeze-thaw effect can be hazardous, leaving ice buildup on our sidewalks, driveways and roads. It can also have a significant impact on our infrastructure as well. As February turned into March, the freezing and thawing turned

Chad LaKing spends quality time with The Mustard Seed Kamloops

Chad LaKing is the latest employee to take advantage of Dawson Group’s unique paid-volunteer program to support a non-profit agency that he feels passionate about. “I had no idea we could get paid to volunteer until last week. It really provided me the flexibility to supp

Kyle Tytler enhances his value with Dawson Road Maintenance by continuing his education

It’s never too late to continue your education. Kyle Tytler had a great job with Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM). He joined the company in 2021 as an Automotive Mechanic, but he wanted more. “The more knowledge I have, not only is it better for myself and my career movin