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The Dawson Group is committed to staying in touch with the people and organizations who live in our communities. We want to share news about our organization, events and other items of interest that will help you get to know who we are and how we operate.

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Fifty years of achievement in construction

Fifty years is a long span in anyone's lifetime. In a province as young as British Columbia, it also amounts to an impressive slice of history. That being so, the Dawson Group of Companies has much to celebrate. Dawson's 50 years of operation in the construction industry have

In a world of individualists, founder was also engineer

"Certainly, it was important from my personal point of view that my father as a young engineering graduate came West and hung his shingle out in Kamloops as a B.C. land surveyor," Graham Dawson reflects. "At that time he was one of the few general contractors who was also a p

Driving force

GRAHAM DAWSON, at 46, has been active in construction for 30 years. A lean, lithe man with a keen sense of the essential, he is both practical and professional. Dawson worked his way up from truck driver to his present position. He drove an asphalt distributor truck- one o

No project is too large

Because of its ability to operate under all kinds of conditions and its high standard of work, the construction arm of the Dawson Group of companies - Dawson & Hall - has progressed from the day of its formation in 1946. And the man who today directs the company, Lloyd Bl