KAMLOOPS — Since the beginning of 2019, the Dawson Group has been working hard to bring their family of companies together under one banner. Our International and Idealease dealerships are the last two in the family to make this transition.

Effective immediately, IRL International Truck Centres and IRL Idealease will operate as Dawson International Truck Centres and Dawson Idealease.

The new names reflect the company’s membership as part of the Dawson Group, which is a group of interconnected companies with a common vision and purpose — driving prosperity by safely connecting our communities.

The rebranding of the companies was born out of a desire to unify as a group and to reflect the Dawson Group motto, “We’re better together.”

“We are all excited to be under the same name,” said Charlie Beck, Vice President of Operations for Dawson International Truck Centres and Dawson Idealease. “It’s not just a new name and logo to us, it’s the idea of unity and operating as one.”

“Each company and individual that works for the Dawson Group has their own area of expertise and the collaboration has kept this group thriving over the past 98 years.”

“This unity allows us to further diversify and educate. A great example for Dawson International Truck Centres, would be becoming a national safety mark approved, body installer. This service allows us to better support our road maintenance company with their large volume of plow and dump truck purchases, while giving us the opportunity to provide even greater value and support to our customers.”

“Being part of a group this size, also gives us greater buying power, allowing us to be more competitive. The more successful we are, the better partners we become to our customers and contributing more and more to their success.”

Other companies in the Dawson Group include Dawson Road Maintenance, Dawson Construction and Dawson Civil. Learn more about what we do here.