The Dawson Group entered their first-ever province-wide team into the GoByBike week event, which was held from May 31 – June 6. Since 2019. In previous years, only Dawson International Truck Centres in Kelowna has taken place in the GoByBike movement.

Our team of ten from Kamloops, Kelowna and Fort St. John traveled an impressive 705 kilometres, logging a total of 86 rides and saving 153 kilograms of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere.

Craig Stishenko, team captain and long-time participant, was happy to see the event grow outside of Kelowna.

“For many of us in the Dawson Group, biking to work is not an option,” Craig said. “Many need their vehicles for work, live in rural areas or are too far from the office. The GoByBike Societies recent change from focusing on biking to work to biking anywhere, even just for fun, makes it possible for all who love the sport or are wanting to try something new to participate.”

“I hope to see this event continue to grow across our organization and am looking forward to leading the next team this fall.”

The next GoByBike event is two full weeks and will take place from September 27 – October 10, 2021.