IRL International Truck Centres in Kelowna has become the third Dawson Group location to join the Adopt-A-Road program, following our two offices in Kamloops.

Technician, Jesse Olinyk, who took leadership in organizing the road adoption said, “We chose Clement Road as it is currently used as a second highway to commuters and heavy construction will soon turn this area into a higher density, busier ‘North End Hub.’

“We wanted to choose a road, close to our second home, that would have the most impact for the people in our community. We also plan to expand our commitment to include the areas currently under construction, once the city finds it safe to do so.”

Jesse and Sales Coordinator, Rhonda Bampton, got out to clean up the newly adopted 1.2 kilometre stretch of Clement Road for the first time on Friday, June 26th.