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Dawson Group@DawsonGroup1922
December 09

Recently, @Dawson1922 donated a new gravel driveway to the local, non-profit therapeutic horse-riding program, Kaml…

December 08

Our heavy civil works teams have the equipment, experience and skills to manage projects of all sizes — no matter w…

December 07

Never pass a snow plow or salt/sand truck on the right. More #ShiftIntoWinter tips here:

Our 50th Anniversary Paper

Sanson was pioneer of gunite, shotcrete

One of the most valuable members of the Dawson Group of companies is Sansan Installations Ltd., leading gunite contractor in British Columbia. General manager of the company, T.T. (Terry) Learmouth works closely with Vice-president Lloyd Blain and through their team-work and

Laboured his way to the top

Barry H. Drummond, P. Eng., began his association with the Dawson companies while still in university, on summer labouring jobs. He joined Dawson, Wade and Co. on a full-time basis upon his graduation from UBC in 1961. He has worked in the estimating department and spent seve

Dawson for diversity

The Dawson Group of companies is looking forward to further growth and expansion to serve the public and industry primarily in Western Canada. William B. Laurie, C.A. - executive vice president and secretary, and a director of the Dawson companies, has been associated with th

Upper Levels project a tax on nerves

One of the most challenging jobs ever undertaken by Dawson Construction Limited is underway in West Vancouver. It involves the multi-million dollar Upper Levels Highway expansion project. The 3.1 miles of road work is costing the provincial government $2 million a mile – do