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Dawson Group@DawsonGroup1922
August 16

Being a family business means taking care of our employees now and in the future. You contribute, we match - it’s t…

August 14

#CZPopQuiz! Who works in a Cone Zone? A flag person or a tow truck driver? . . . If your answer was “BOTH,” you are…

August 12

Travel back in time with us at Dawson Group through the decades — from 1922 to now. Watch the full video here:…


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Dawson for diversity

The Dawson Group of companies is looking forward to further growth and expansion to serve the public and industry primarily in Western Canada. William B. Laurie, C.A. - executive vice president and secretary, and a director of the Dawson companies, has been associated with th

Upper Levels project a tax on nerves

One of the most challenging jobs ever undertaken by Dawson Construction Limited is underway in West Vancouver. It involves the multi-million dollar Upper Levels Highway expansion project. The 3.1 miles of road work is costing the provincial government $2 million a mile – do

Dawson role in development of northern B.C.

Since its inception 50 years ago Dawson Construction Limited has progressed with the times and today is one of the most highly-diversified construction companies in Canada. Originally involved mainly in road construction, the company, in recent years has branched into all typ