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Dawson Group@DawsonGroup1922
December 09

Recently, @Dawson1922 donated a new gravel driveway to the local, non-profit therapeutic horse-riding program, Kaml…

December 08

Our heavy civil works teams have the equipment, experience and skills to manage projects of all sizes — no matter w…

December 07

Never pass a snow plow or salt/sand truck on the right. More #ShiftIntoWinter tips here:


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The Dawson Group is committed to staying in touch with the people and organizations who live in our communities. We want to share news about our organization, events and other items of interest that will help you get to know who we are and how we operate.

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Driving force

GRAHAM DAWSON, at 46, has been active in construction for 30 years. A lean, lithe man with a keen sense of the essential, he is both practical and professional. Dawson worked his way up from truck driver to his present position. He drove an asphalt distributor truck- one o

No project is too large

Because of its ability to operate under all kinds of conditions and its high standard of work, the construction arm of the Dawson Group of companies - Dawson & Hall - has progressed from the day of its formation in 1946. And the man who today directs the company, Lloyd Bl

Keeping in step with social progress

The Dawson Group is the largest B.C.-owned group of private construction companies. The group's main bent is civil engineering construction, principally public works. "Because this is our principal thrust, we are subject to the decisions of various elected representatives

In the field…

It is difficult to segregate management personnel from the operating people as almost all of Dawson's management team members have arrived there via the field. They both are essential to the success of the Dawson Group of companies. Among Dawson's operating people are some of th